Slotted & Drilled – Platinum Edition

“Platinum, rare than gold…”

The newest addition to the ADB Disc Brakes Range. Building upon the success of the original slotted and drilled rotor, ADB have taken slotted and drilled rotors to another level. Boasting a plethora of new features and benefits, this platinum rotor aims to please.

SD Rotor Feature
As with all ADB brake rotors, the Slotted and Drilled brake rotor is:

  • ISO/TS 16949 Approved
  • QS9000 Approved
  • ISO9002 Approved

ADB Brake rotors are manufactured to OE bolt replacement and meet Australian Design Rule (ADR) requirements.

Along with meeting the set international quality standards, this brake rotor also includes benefits such as:

  • ALL benefits of the standard and slotted rotors
  • Non-Directional Rotor – Each rotor can be fitted to either side
  • Silver Coating application
  • Resistant to rust-build up
  • Improved cooling
  • Aggressive and sporty looks combined with functionality
  • Bold on replacement
  • Improved braking – maximum dispersion of friction gases and residue
  • Improved pad bite – cleans brake pad surface
  • Improved wet weather braking – expels water to reduce risk of *hydroplaning
  • Includes easy-to-follow fitting instructions with an instruction manual enclosed separately

Non-Directional Rotor
*Hydroplaning is the loss of steering/brake control when a layer of water prevents direct contact between tires and another surface i.e roads and runways.

ADB Warranty






All ADB brake rotors come with a warranty of 24,000kms or 12 months guarantee (whichever occurs first) against faulty materials or workmanship to ensure your peace of mind.

Fight off the rust from taking over your prized ADB disc rotors with these readily equipped rotors, forged with hard metals and tempered to face extreme heat and armed with a silver armor coating. These rotors will minimize any rust from building up making sure that your vehicle is always ready for a photo-shoot or car-show.
Rotors beat rust

Another reason to use this rotor over other brake rotors is the improved cooling. Unlike other conventional rotors found on the market today, the ADB slotted and drilled rotor is manufactured with specialized internal vanes. These internal vanes allow efficient drawing of cold air and dispersion of heat build-up.

Rotor heating process

*Platinum is registered trademark – there is no suggestion that Platinum is used in products with the Platinum branding.

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