Rochelle & Rod O’Sullivan


Attached is a photo taken of MR317 and MRS307 at the 2017 Formula 1 Grand Prix at Albert Park Melbourne. Rod and I both drove the cars down through terrential rain and we are ecstatic how well the ADB rotors and brakes pads handled. There were occasions when we had to stop suddenly whilst driving 100km on wet road and the rotors and pads definitely did its job. The braking was smooth, strong and firm.

Before installing the ADB Rotors and pads on MRS307, the car had another set of well-known brand of rotors and pads, however one of the rotors warped after a year of being installed and the pads also generated a lot of brake dust around the wheels which took a long time to clean. I have had the ADB rotors installed for over a year now and there are no signs of any warping, the pads also expel very minimal dust which makes it enjoyable to wash my car again.

We have no regrets changing to another brand and purchasing our rotors and Brakes pads from Australian Disc Brakes, the products are excellent and we rave about the product to fellow club members and other car enthusiasts during events.

Kind Regards,
Rochelle and Rod O’Sullivan

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