Performance Pads

“Smooth braking with short stopping distance”

Performance brake pads are for drivers who want cleaner wheels, stopping power and the ability to stop quietly. This brake pad is widely used on commercial vehicles and taxis for a reason – Performance pads are a multi-purpose heavy duty brake pad with smooth braking and short stopping distance.

Performance Pad Box

Features of this brake pad include:

  • Clean and quiet
  • Uitilizes IRT Technology
  • Minimal bedding-in process

IRT Technology?

IRT technology is utilized in the manufacturing process of Performance pads. From the first application of the brake pads, IRT technology is activated which minimizes the long bedding-in process found in other brake pads.

Performance Pad Layers

Performance pads are made using high-quality materials to ensure a product which delivers. Each Performance brake pad is made up of different layers which are each vital for providing results – there is no filler from these ADB products.

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