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You might be wondering what exactly is IRT Technology and why is it so important?

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Instant Response Technology is specific only to ADB Brake Pads. The CEO of ADB Brakes, John Nemanic, recognised an opportunity to revolutionise brake pads by observing the long bedding-in process required by standard brake pads of the time.

Standard brake pads require a bedding-in process to transfer an even layer of brake pad material over the surface area of a rotor disc. This process can be lengthy and take some time for drivers to achieve the maximum power out of their brake pads. Competitors’ methods of constructing these standard brake pads also demand higher manufacturing costs, which are then passed onto the customer.

This is where the special Instant Response Technology comes in. By developing and introducing IRT Technology to ADB brake pads, we have successfully eliminated the lengthy bedding-in process. Instant Response Technology is a distinctive formula that is built into every application of ADB brake pads.

While our competitors focus on constructing brake-pads utilising numerous layers, John Nemanic envisioned the opposite: a brake pad that does not require a transfer to the disc rotor. The result was IRT Technology whose benefits include:

✓ A shorter time period for drivers to reach optimal braking power
✓ Cheaper manufacturing costs which allows us to have competitive prices

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