How do Slotted/Drilled rotors help?

When looking to purchase disc brake rotors for your vehicle you may have seen different types of rotors. There exists the normal standard rotors which have a smooth brake-surface. In more recent times brake manufacturers have come out with slotted and drilled rotors.

Pictured above: Left – Slotted Disc Rotor, Right – Slotted & Drilled Disc Rotor.

The benefits of using slotted/drilled rotors are:
+ Provide better air ventilation
+ Expel heat and gas faster
+ Removes any debris that get caught between the disc and brake-pad
+ Keep rotors cooled faster and longer compared to stock rotors
+ Increase brake-pad bite
+ Eliminates hydroplaning from occurring as water will be expelled
+ Stops brake-fade from occurring
+ Lighter compared to stock rotors (weight-reduction)
+ Decreases vehicle stopping distance

We highly recommend customers use slotted and/or drilled disc rotors in conditions where high performance vehicles are used or in demanding conditions. Examples include heavy street use, track use or heavy off-road driving. It is in these conditions where users can see most benefits of slotted/drilled rotors.

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