FAQ/Technical Articles

Welcome to the Australian Disc Brakes Frequently Asked Questions and Technical Articles depository. Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions and articles about issues relating to vehicle brakes.

These articles are designed to give you a quick overview about what the issue is and provide a list of possible causes and solutions. In no way should these guides replace diagnosis by qualified professionals.

Identification Guide
Quick Brake-pad problem identification guide
Quick Disc rotor problem identification guide.
Disc rotor structure identification guide.

Replacement Guide
When to replace your brake components
General Guide to replace brake rotors
2 Piece (Hat type) rotor replacement guide

Misc Guide
How Slotted/Drilled Rotors help braking performance.
Brake Noise
Brake Fluids
Warped Disc Rotors
Brake-pad wear indicators/sensors
Brake-pad types explained

Ford Falcon 1991 EA – 1997 EL


Rotor measurement locations – from side perspective.


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