‘The Quiet European’ – Our recommended brake-pad for European vehicles

Europad is specifically designed to get the best performance out of european cars. All you need is one set of brake pads for your vehicle – Europads. Don’t risk a comeback, do it right the first time with Europad. These are the perfect balance between quality, price and performance.


The features of this brake pad include:

  • Quiet braking guaranteed
  • Strong braking power ensures your vehicle stops safely everytime
  • Constructed using high quality materials ensure product satisfaction and efficiency


The Europad uses only the highest quality materials available to produce brake pads which offer strong braking power while producing minimal noise from the vehicle (braking power strong enough to stop vehicles going at speeds of 200km/h!)

Europad Layers and Material make-up





Each Europad is made of up to of eight different layers, each one adding something new and ultimately they all come together to make a brake pad which operates on a  level above other brake pads.

Europad is exclusive to Premium ADB Distributors

To find your nearest Premium ADB Distributor:

Phone (1300 13 18 13) or Fax (1300 18 13 18)


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