At Australian Disc Brakes we believe that the Earth and its environments are essential for life and must be preserved. Our dedication to preserving the environment began with the inception of our company.

ADB was one of the first companies to invest in machinery and equipment which could be reused, thus reducing waste from manufacturing which is deposited in landfill. The purchase of thousands of brake drums facilitated an exchange service which was the first of its kind.

During the industry’s transition to clutches, development soon began on constructing a clutch rebuilding plant in Sydney. Thousands of discarded clutch units were purchased instead of having them dumped in landfills. These discarded clutch units were cycled through the rebuilding plant and recycled once again making it the only change clutch service in Australia.

After clutches came the development of automatic transmissions. Realising the potential for automatic transmissions, we established a specialised division called CB Automatics and CATS with the purpose of reconditioning automatic transmissions.

Following automatic transmissions was the introduction of hydraulic cylinders. During this time, there existed only two companies who recycled hydraulic cylinders, so the acquisition of one of these companies resulted in the creation of a new division – the hydraulic cylinder recycling division. This acquisition also meant Australian Disc Brakes could now offer hydraulic cylinders cheaper than competitors selling brand new ones.

By the 1970’s, monumental changes were occurring in car industry and engineers were specifying friction materials that asbestos could not meet. Seeing the potential in new technology, ADB immediately began research into the development of non-asbestos brakes. Most raw material suppliers at the time had no knowledge of non-asbestos brakes.

By 1983, with considerable investment into research, ADB achieved a non-asbestos brake pad using a multi-cavity system. The creation of these new non-asbestos brake was at the forefront of the braking industry, having benefits even over the leading brake company in Australia. We adopted the slogan: “World Leader in non-asbestos technology”

In summary, Australian Disc Brakes have:
– Made the first exchange service of brake drums
– Created the very first clutch exchange service in Australia
– Established centers for reconditioning automatic transmissions
– Recycled hydraulic cylinders
– First to develop technology for utilizing stainless steel over brass
– Developed non-asbestos brakes at a time when “non-asbestos” was unheard of

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