Bedding-in Procedure and Importance

Bedding-in Procedure

IRT Brakes work from the first application. Always road test your vehicle after fitting new brakes. Drive at low speed of 40-50km/hr and brake with light to moderate pedal applications after each 200m. Do not stop. Repeat 5 times or until satisfied that the brakes are working correctly.

Why is it important to do this procedure?

It is critical that this procedure is done to ensure that the brake-pads are installed correctly and brakes properly functioning. By doing this it also helps mate the disc rotor with brake-pads for optimal performance levels.
The benefits of bedding-in brakes are:
1. Mates the contact surface of the rotor and brake-pad ensuring smooth braking
2. Reduces chance of excessive brake-noise occurring
3. Reduces chances of brake-judder/vibration occurring
4. Improves rotor resistance to cracking
5. Heat treats disc rotor

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