4WD Pads

“Dual purpose brake pad”
4WD brake pads by adb brakes are perfect for frequent city braking or off-road durability. 4X4 Heavy duty is a dual purpose brake pad that offers smooth braking, short stopping distances and exceptional mileage.

4WD Brake Pads by ADB

The features of this brake pad include:

  • Long life brake
  • Anti-noise shims
  • Quieter by design
  • Minimal or no dust
  • Excellent pedal feel
  • High heat resistance
  • Responsive hot or cold
  • Consistent smooth braking
  • Enhanced for off-road driving

4WD Brake Pad Layers

Australian Disc Brakes 4WD Brake pads are composed of multiple layers, utilizing only premium materials to manufacture these heavy duty brake pads.

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